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Weddings in Jamaica

Wedding in Negril in Jamaica – Island of Love

Jamaica is a true island of love, with evergreen tropical thickets by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, where picturesque rushing streams flow down from majestic mountains.

The sweet singing of birds, the rays of the gently caressing sun, the snow-white veil, picked up by a light breeze, and a couple in love, walking along the seashore, leave traces of bare feet behind them. All this is not a game of imagination and not the beginning of a movie on the screen, this is how people celebrate weddings in Negril in Jamaica, the brightest and most cheerful island in the entire Caribbean.

What Does Weddings in Negril in Jamaica Look Like?

A wedding in Negril in Jamaica is an exchange of vows of fidelity and wedding rings right at the ocean, a romantic candlelight dinner and night walks under the starry sky. The island has many beautiful corners, more than a hundred rivers and several healing springs with mineral waters.

Small Weddings in Negril

Modern newlyweds choose distant countries for their wedding. After all, a celebration in another country with other traditions and customs will be a unique holiday, both for the newlyweds and for guests.In addition, the wedding, organized abroad, can flow smoothly into the honeymoon, without the long packing and tedious journey. Negril is perfect for small weddings in Jamaica because it is capped with the ultimate honeymoon escape: a secluded private island to celebrate your love.

How to Spend Your Honeymoon in Jamaica?

Small weddings in Jamaica and a honeymoon following the wedding ceremony is a great opportunity to visit Blue Mountain, where the most famous coffee beans in the world are grown, see sugar cane and sweet banana plantations with your own eyes, taste exotic dishes and admire ancient architectural monuments.

Here, the first rays of the sun are greeted with beautiful music, and the sunset is seen off with noisy parties, so your wedding in Jamaica will become a real holiday, surrounded by exotic flowers, beautiful landscapes and the cheerfulness of the locals, always ready to serve you.

What Is the Average Cost of Weddings in Negril?

Weddings can vary from $500 to $600 per guest though each wedding is different – it can be a private elopement, intimate ceremony with 10 guests, all the way up to a multi-day wedding with several events.

How to Organize the Wedding Ceremony?

Experienced managers will help you choose the best place for the ceremony, a hotel or a small house, a professional photographer so that your weddings in Negril in Jamaica will be simply amazing, remaining in your memory forever. Celebrate with an intimate, private wedding or with a grand beach wedding surrounded by guests and loved ones. Learn how to celebrate your wedding in Begona Cliff Hotel.

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